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About Arka Rad Tejarat

The company "Arka Rad Tejarat" with the history of nearly a decade of successful experience in supplying laboratory, research and industrial equipment needed by pharmaceutical industries, scientific and research centers, oil, gas, petrochemical, power plants and steel industries, utilizing Experienced and expert specialist is one of the leading companies serving the country's industry. Arka Rad Tejarat Co. with the perspective of consulting, supplying and equipping the public and specialized laboratories of the country with a full portfolio of advanced, laboratory, research and industrial products, equipment and technologies with a customer-oriented approach, knowledge based on responsibilities Its organizational and social interest was to take advantage of the cooperation of reputable companies in the international arena, and after some time managed to obtain representation from reputable companies, whose relevant information is visible in the field of foreign dealership. The company, with the cooperation of its trading partners in the UAE, Turkey and Europe, is able to supply and supply the goods and equipment of its customers with the least time and cost and the highest quality.