After Sales Service

ARKA RAD TEJARAT CO has experienced after-sales service team trained in European countries ready to serve our esteemed clients in the following areas:

  • Installation
  • Repair and Service
  • Supply of parts
  • Support
  • Warranty and Guarantee


The installation process is carried out by experienced company experts and all equipment purchased upon request by the customer includes installation services.
Installation in Tehran is free and in other cities, the cost of transportation and possible accommodation of experts is borne by respected buyers.

Repair and Service

ARKA RAD TEJARAT CO, having official representatives from European countries, to repair and service the equipment in the following manner, with the support and advice of the agencies, to ensure customer satisfaction and quality of service:
1- Receiving a repair request report from the customer
2- Correspondence with the company concerned and submitting a report (Failure report)
3 - After the response and approval from the company, the necessary coordination with the customer to start the repair process is done
4- If the parts need to be replaced, after the customer's approval, the necessary steps will be taken to supply the parts.
5- Repair the equipment, restart and perform the necessary tests


The training process at ARKA RAD TEJARAT CO is as follows:
1- Onsite training
2- Re-training after installation as per customer's request
3. Providing seminars and training workshops with the possibility of attending the client's site and presenting training certificates to participants

Supply of parts

ARKA RAD TEJARAT CO, having official representatives from European countries, is ready to supply original parts and original equipment to the customers as well as its internal dealers.


Providing services both in-person and non-consulting in the field of technical affairs and after-sales services

Warranty and Guarantee

ARKA RAD TEJARAT CO To enhance customer satisfaction and assurance, all equipment installed by the company's experts, depending on brand and company, is covered by a minimum of 1 year to 3 years warranty coverage as well as 10 years of after-sales service. Is on sale and is offered to the customer a formal warranty card.